Chapter 67. Version

67.1. New Functions

67.1.1. Duplicated Elements

It is now possible to add FX to specific elements of Duplicated Heads. Note that the required elements should have both base and levels.

Support for Odd/Even, Next Head for Duplicate elements has been added - type "." followed by ODD/EVEN, or . NEXT HEAD or . PREV HEAD.

It is now possible to apply split times across Duplicate elements when selecting palettes or when editing times in the Cue or Programmer Windows, View Times. Select all elements using the syntax

.> @@

On systems with Keypad Always Selects Heads = Yes, then just use


A new button has also been added to the ALL toolbar (hold ALL) to select/deselect all elements.

Added new menu option in the Head Editor to convert multi element heads into Duplicated Heads. In Edit Head, View Chans press SHIFT and the soft button CONV TO DUP. For duplicated heads it is also possible to convert back to multi element head using SHIFT and the soft button CONV TO MULTI.

Note that these conversion functions can not be used if heads of the type are already patched in the show file - save as a different mode before attempting the conversion. If you then wish to convert patched heads then perform a morph operation.

In order to simplify the personality libraries, ChamSys plans to convert all multi element heads to duplicated heads in a future version some time in 2018.

67.1.2. Personality search

In Patch, Choose Heads the View Search has been modified to add a "Whole name" field - this enables a search on all of the name fields including the manufacturer, head name and mode - for example, it is possible to search for "Sharpy" or for "BMFL".

In Patch, Choose Heads, Adv View typing on the keyboard now filters based on the entered text rather than jumping the cursor to the closest match. The filter looks for the entered text in the manufacturer, head name and mode of all heads.

67.1.3. Other changes

Modified MagicQ PC Full Panel mode to more clearly match the current Compact series consoles rather than the now discontinued MQ100 series.

On MagicQ PC the MQ500 panel now uses 2 separate windows, one for each touchscreen monitor on the console. This should make the panels usable on laptops without external monitors and Macs.

Added new Timecode backward jump options. It is now possible to specify three types of backward jump handling - "Normal", "Adv backward Jump" and "Backward Jumps > 1 second". Normal is the original MagicQ backward jump handling. Advanced is the handling that was previously available on a debug option. Backward Jumps > 1 second ignores backward jumps unless they are greater than 1 second - this option may help with some systems which can send small backwards jumps when they stop.

Added support for the Grand Master, Sub Master and Crossfade Master faders to be reassigned to control Cue Stack CS1, Cue Stack CS2 and Cue Stack CS3 respectively. To use these functions the Cue Stack must be recorded into the Stack Store, or moved to CS1, CS2 or CS3 in the Stack Store. Regardless of Cue Stack settings the Cue Stacks will activate when the fader go above 0% and release when returned to 0%. This could be used for smoke machines, hazers, house lights.

Added new Cue Stack option "Fader jumps to Cue Step". When the Cue Stack has multiple steps then raising the fader will step through the Cue Stack - at 0% it will be on step 1 and at 100% it will be on the last step.

Added support for changing Page / Playback number / Cue Stack number in TC tracks.

Remove top menu bar on MQ500.

When execute grid uses go and stop buttons allow use of 15 playbacks on MQ500.

Added indicator in Cue Stack, View TC of current track step. Also added support for using Follow Current Cue to enable view to follow current track step.

67.2. Bug fixes

Fix reset when selecting large number of fixtures. #00016030.

Cancel while recording a layout still records. #00015831.

External touch screen on Pro 2010 would not work since v1.7.4.3. #00015977

Assigning busking items to execute grid would crash if there was not enough boxes. #00016172.

Fix reset when mapping go and stop playback buttons to execute grid 1 with regions.

Fix problem with DMX I/O test mode text for new Mid Change test.

Fix problem when using Palete FX with Palettes 256 or greater #00016092

Fix problem adding FX to specific elements of Duplicate heads. #00016087

Fix problem when adding heads to Groups used by Group FX - they were not refreshing till the playback was reactivated. #00016096

Fix problem with merging of Cues from other show files #00013297

Fix for patching Wyg personalities when importing from Wyg csv file. #0015794

Fix for moving playbacks - playback settings - Cue Stack page 1 default page - was not set after the move.

Fix syncing of DMX IO settings between MagicQ and MagicVis. When a PC running MagicVis was unplugged from a MagicQ console and plugged into something else the DMX configuration would be that of the last show to be loaded into MagicVis, not the currently synced show. #0016206

Fix reset when closing options dialogs in exec window assign special. #00016225

Stop media layer preview being blank when intensity is set. #00016291.

Stop media master preview being blank when running on PC with display scaling enabled.

Fix remote control crash when the Vis window was open on MQ500.

Fix flickering back wall in MagicVis.

Fixes to CITP server in MagicHD and MagicCap: incorrect MessageSize parameter in PINF/PLoc messages. Incorrect VersionMinor parameter in MSEX/StFr messages. #00016242.

Fixed CMV converter which was broken since #00016276.