Chapter 68. Version

The last Beta release was v1.7.4.6. The version numbers jumped to accommodate a new Stable release, v1.7.5.1.

68.1. New Functions

68.1.1. Chans return to defaults

MagicQ has been changed for fixtures that have no intensity channel so that it automatically returns the channels of these fixtures to their defaults when they are released from playbacks and the programmer. This ensures that, for example, LED fixtures are not left illuminated when released. This does not affect fixtures with an intensity channel.

The Setup option "Channels return to defaults" has been changed to include "Heads without intensity only", "Yes, All heads" and "No". The "Heads without intensity only" option corresponds to the "No" option in older software. If users require no heads at all to return to defaults then they will need to choose the new "No" option.

68.1.2. New DMX test options

Added extra options to the Output Window, View DMX to enable viewing of statistics on Input data including Min values, Max values, Non mid count and Non mid data.

Added extra options to Setup, DMX I/O test field - "Chan num" and "Mid change".

"Chan num" outputs the channel number on the DMX - so channel 1 outputs 1, channel 2 outputs 2. As the dmx value is only 8 bit it wraps at channel 256 outputting 0 again, channel 257 outputs 1, etc…

"Mid change" alternates outputing DMX values 127 and 128 on all channels. This provides a constantly changing DMX pattern but one that never outputs values 0 to 126 or values 129 to 255. This enables receivers to check for erroneous values received. In the Output Window, View DMX it is possible under View MIn/Mac to choose a count of the values received that are not 127 or 128 (Non mid count) and the last received data that is not 127 or 128 (Non mid data)

68.1.3. Other changes

Added fader option to control timing of Cue Stack steps, Cue Stack, View Options, Fader controls timing. When the fader is at 0 the Cue Stack snaps with 0 time, when at full it fades with 10 seconds. If the Cue has split timing then the split timing is respected within the overall fade time set by the fader.

Added ability to control Rate on the MQ500 Intensity encoder wheel - Setup, View Settings, Keypad & Encoders, Intensity Wheel. Added intensity wheel status to display on MQ500.

Add support for Art-Net and sACN universes greater than 256.

Showed more info about Art-Net nodes in the View Status window including the DMX universe the Art-Net node is set to decode.

Added Chauvet Demo Show.

68.2. Bug fixes

Fix problem where using the Colour Picker on both colour mixing and non-colour mixing fixtures would cause a crash. #00015787

Fix crash when patching pixmaps on 200 universe MQ500.

Fix problem where unused encoders were not being cleared when opening the Colour window. #00015818

Fixed issue which would cause keys to stop working after changing layout while the colour picker is open.

When choosing firmware for a USB or snakesys device, ensure that the Documents folder is used on PCs.

Fix problem where receiving long or mangled MIDI SYSEX messages caused a crash on the MQ80 & MQ500.

Fix problem where shutting down MagicQ or disabling and enabling MagicDMX would cause a crash on Mac.

Fix problem where the second Execute window was not updated after selecting a palette on the first Execute window.

Fix bug where using Fan By Group on Focus Line did not work when MagicVis was connected to the console.

Fix re-patch syntax not working in theatre patch mode. #00014469

Fix moving layouts did not save after restarting MagicQ. #00015924

Fix copying or moving from an item in the playback window to a select button caused the playback to appear in the incorrect location on MQ500 and stadium view. #00015916

Fix problem on Pro 2010 consoles when using Palette FX, such as 2Col, 3Col - the palettes would not get selected correctly. #0015257