Chapter 70. Version

70.1. New Functions

Added support for HSV fixtures in MagicVis.

70.2. Bug fixes

Fixed incorrect gel colours in the colour picker #15731

Fixed reset when moving multiple execute grid items #15745

Enabled button LEDs on MQ500 execute panel when in playback wing mode #15740

Fixed problem on MQ500 execute buttons - when in playback wing mode, buttons would stop functioning or cause a crash after changing the page

Fixed problem where the MQ40, MQ40N, MQ60 and MQ70 could not set their clock. This affected Beta versions and, and early downloads of Stable The current download of does not have the problem.

Fixed reset when showing default cue list options introduced in

Fixed problem with personalities with greater than 100 duplicated elements. These could cause resets when adding FX to the multi elements.

Fixed problem with setting Head Editor, colour mix options in - some options did not set correctly.