Chapter 77. Version

77.1. New Features

Further improvements to high DPI displays on windows, particularly for 2K screens. Scaling can be more finely tuned by using the windows display scaling slider in Windows 10 settings.

77.1.1. Other changes

MagicQ now prompts when saving shows if a name is chosen that has already been used.

Add ability to select universe on soft button A in Patch Window using keypad entry.

Add ability to move heads in Patch, View Chans by entering head number in Hd No column of empty channels.

77.2. Bug Fixes

Fix bug #14977 - playback 16 would did not toggle on MQ500.

Fix bug #14857 - playbacks are not longer activated after loading a new show.

Fix for Mac OS X/macOS where some audio plugins were preventing MagicQ from loading, causing the icon to bounce in the app tray but not showing any windows.

Fix bug #15006 - removing or moving items in the execute view did not redraw the display.

Fix bug #14577 - show format of date and time string in autom window.

Fix bug #14883 - bottom left and right status boxes would dissappear on MQ80 after leaving execute max mode.