Chapter 78. Version

78.1. New Features

Support for high DPI screens has been added for MagicQ PC running on Windows 10. This scales the user interface correctly when displayed on 2K and 4K screens. Currently the stadium view still requires two screens of the same resolution.

There is a new option under SETUP → Keypad Encoders to disable the intensity wheel on the MQ500, or to require the ALT key to be held down.

MIDI beat clock support has been added to the MQ80 and MQ500 consoles.

78.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed bug #14622. MQ500 was showing an artnet conflict after an IP address change, as the old IP address was not removed.

Fixed bug #14741. Language files have been converted to unicode; when MagicQ is set to a non-english language, special characters are now displayed correctly.

Quick (inbuilt) macros now use the console-independent MQ keys. This fixes bug #14735, the layout inbuilt macros would not work on MQ500 consoles. Users will need to remove and recreate these macros.

Fixed bug #14726. Side button on the MQ500 console now increases the encoder value, and decreases when shift is pressed, consistent with other consoles.

Enable chamnet on MQ500 consoles.

Fixed bug #14752. MagicQ would crash when recording a macro while multi-console sync is setup and connected.

Fixed crash when expanding the heads library while multi-console sync is setup and connected, either after a software update or when the heads library is manually installed.

Fix MagicVis sync issues. MagicVis should now connect faster and more reliably than before.

Fix issues with pixel mapping large 3D grids. Fix issues with 3D grids when not every cell had a head assigned to it.

Fixed bug #13567, cue chase timing (BPM) is more accurate.

78.3. PC File Locations

The user documents folder is now the default show file location on new installs of MagicQ. Users upgrading who have not yet moved can use the ToolsChange files location menu option.

A new menu option FileOpen show folder opens the show folder in the system file browser. This detects if MagicQ is using the application folder, windows virtual store, or documents folder.