Chapter 79. Version

79.1. New Features

sACN now uses the priority field. When receiving ACN, MagicQ and MagicVis will only use the highest priority source for a given universe. There is also a setting in SETUP → Network to change the priority of ACN transmitted by MagicQ.

79.2. Bug Fixes

Fix issue where objects that were copied in the Patch window would not appear in the Visualiser window until it had been closed and reopened, issue #13321.

Fix rendering issues with Curved Trusses in Visualiser, issue #14526.

Fix issue where the Hang Types Select Window didn’t show the current Hang Type, #14045.

Fix GIF section in the pixelmapper, which was previously starting on GIF page 2. Updated the pixelmap personality to add GIF pages.

Suppress warnings about 0 chans in personalities using multi patch.

Fix crash when using Bat’n'ball FX in the pixelmapper.

Fix switching between execute windows, which would not redisplay the background, showing parts of the previous execute window.

Fix flash button LEDs when using an execute wing with the MQ500. The LEDs would not always behave as expected, although the buttons functioned correctly.

Fix crash when MagicQ Remote is connected to a console or a PC. In rare cases, the console would crash if the connection to the remote was often dropping out (e.g. due to a weak wifi signal).

Fix selection of heads inside a grid. Click and drag would often not select all the heads if there were empty cells in the area.

Fix crash when clicking View Cue or Preload Cue after removing all cues in a cue stack, issue #14636.

Show message Trying to save … may take some time when saving or backing up large show files, issue #14684.

The print window dialog box has the option to select or deselect all columns.