Chapter 81. Version

81.1. Bug Fixes

Add top menu bar which was missing in Ubuntu 16.04 when using the Unity desktop.

Update the PB pause function in the automation window to behave the same as the pause key; previously this function just moved the playback to the previous cue, but did not pause. Bug #14476.

Prevent changing the number of universes when loading settings, e.g. from the LOAD SHOW + CON button. This prevents the situation where the console changes the number of universes after being restarted, loosing any recently added channels. The only way to change the number of universes is through the DMX IO window.

Speed up loading of MagicHD on linux PC, both from MagicQ and standalone.

Fix the /wins.html URL (list of windows) in the embedded web server, which wasn’t being found after setting MagicQ PC to move user files to the Documents/MagicQ folder. Bug #14407.

Updates to the shutdown sequence in the MQ80 reduces the possibility of corruption to the filesystem. In rare cases where the console is not shut down correctly this can lead to an unbootable console.

Fix for problem with VDIMs on RGBA, RGBW, RGBAW fixtures that affected v1.7.3.6 only.