Chapter 82. Version

82.1. Improvements to heads library

When a new version of MagicQ is installed, or the heads library is updated, MagicQ no longer locks up the user interface while the new heads are unpacked and indexed. This means you can use MagicQ straight away without waiting for this to finish. It also prevents This application has stopped responding warnings on windows.

The following cannot be done until the new heads library has finished installing: personality picker in the Patch Window, File Manager, show loading and saving.

This affects PC installations and consoles.

82.2. Windows OS

Increased the amount of information written to the log file after a crash on Windows.

Fixed the restart functionality, so that clicking RESET, or performing an action requiring restart (e.g changing number of universes), will start MagicQ again after it has closed.

82.3. Ubuntu

This version of MagicQ adds compatibility with version 16.10 of Ubuntu. We still recommend that linux users stick to 16.04 for better support.

82.4. Other Changes

It is now possible to use a virtual dimmer (VDIM) with fixtures that have six channel colour mixing, e.g. fixtures with RGB, Amber, White and UV. In the Head Editor set the Colour Mix option to RGBAUV. When this option is set the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Col Mix, Col3 and Col4 attributes are all subject to VDIM. Note Col1 and Col2 are never subject to VDIM.

It is now possible to use the Pixelmapper to subtract from the base level - this is useful for Film and TV where a base level is set on a grid of lights and then a Pixelmapper effect is used to dark areas (shadows) in the lights. In the Pixelmapper, Col, set Mix Type to "Sub from base".

82.5. Bug Fixes

Fix for crash when switching views in Visualiser, Bug #11446.

Fix for blue box on splash screen, bug #14337.

Fix for crash when UNDO is pressed after removing heads from the patch, bug #14358.

Fix crash when selecting certain heads or manufacturers in the patch window. Bug #14350.

Fix crash when using CMV converter on Macs, bug #14368.

Fix crash when patching heads, bug #14383. This occurs when heads have previously been removed, leaving empty palettes (e.g colour, beam, position).

Fix MagicVis crash when connecting to a console from a PC (this bug only exists since, bug #14373.

Allow items to be moved when using exec window 2 and 3, bug #14363.

Fix IP address settings on MQ500 console, where changing the IP address did not remove the old IP address, requiring a restart, bug #14392.

Fix media window bug, thumbnail would not always appear on the movie page. Affects MQ80 and MQ500 consoles.

Fix crash when removing feeds in MagicCap, bug #14068.

Fixed multi element head selection bug - making multi element selections which did not include the first element would not allow setting of colours and other palettes. This bug was introduced in version, bug #14399.