Chapter 84. Version

84.1. Timecode Improvements

Added support for reading in timecode cues from a .csv (comma separate variable file) - for example from 3rd party applications such as InquScribe. In the Cue Stack window, VIEW TC, use IMPORT TC TIMINGS to load timings and cue names from a .csv file - first parameter is the time code time, 2nd is the cue name, 3rd is an optional cue comment. The MAKE CUES soft button can then be used to create a Cue in the Cue Stack corresponding to each timecode cue imported.

It is now possible to Insert into a Timecode track in a Cue Stack. MagicQ automatically sorts the Timecode track after recording is complete to ensure the times in the track are in order of ascending time.

Now when changing from Internal to External timecode and from External to Internal Timecode MagicQ converts the frames. For example if a Cue was recording using Internal Timecode at 10.50s then it would be converted to 10s 15 frames (assuming SMPTE 30 frames).

Soft button B in Cue Stack, VIEW TC now can be used to set Internal/External TC just as when in VIEW CUS STACK.

84.2. Bug Fixes

Fix for when using Palette FX on large numbers of moving lights where using the Encoders could could the console to operate very slowly or even the GUI task to lock up.

Fix for merging into Groups with an Icon, into Groups without an Icon that could cause a reset.