Chapter 88. Version

88.1. Bug Fixes

Updated old dependancies so .deb file can be installed on latest versions of Ubuntu (and Debian based distributions).

Fixed keyboard shorcuts on Mac (e.g. Ctrl+I, Ctrl+G).

88.1.1. Web Server

Fixed bug #13826, which caused MQ80 to crash when accessing its webserver.

Added missing </a> tags to HTML.

Fixed web server on PC which stopped loading if the MagicQ data folder was moved to Documents.

Added error handler so a missing page or server error returns an error page to the web browser.

88.1.2. Visualiser

Fix flickering that was introduced in the last beta.

Fix issue in last beta where the beams sometimes didn’t reach a surface.

Fix shadows in the new renderer on Mac.

Fix issue where MagicVis would show beams in black in the old renderer when it was not connected to a MagicQ console or a PC running MagicQ.

Fix issues where the Room would initially be shown too small or too large.

Fix issue where Reset Camera didn’t fill the whole view.

Prevent MagicQ from crashing when poor quality Windows graphics drivers cannot display the Visualiser window. Some Windows drivers can only display the new renderer, others can only use the old renderer.

Faster rendering of Quad view and Multi Console view in MagicVis.