Chapter 89. Version

89.1. New Functions

89.1.1. Focus Line

In the 2D Plot view it is now possible to focus moving head fixtures on to a line. The beams will be spread along the line according to the current fan settings. This makes it easy to create even stage washes and ACL style focuses quickly. The related Focus On Target and Focus Hold functions have been updated and improved and a base position can be specified.

89.2. Bug Fixes

Fix for MQ80 reset problems. In recent versions and when using the MQ80 for a period of time, resets were occurring. This affected MQ80s only, it did not affect any other MagicQ products.

Fix to a crash some users experienced when sending OSC messages from a cue stack, e.g. by putting "K/osc/message" in the macro field.

Improvements to receiving MIDI timecode from a USB interface or loopback device. This fixes an issue that caused timecode from Reaper to jump or freeze in MagicQ.

Setup, View Monitors window now works with negative position values on PCs. This helps users with dual screen setups who want to position windows to the left of the primary display.