Chapter 94. Version

94.1. New Functions

Added function to Output, Plan View to enable viewing of Cue data instead of Output data in the grid format. In the Output Window, press SHIFT + VIEW CUE to show the contents of the Cue instead of the Output.

The current Cue is the Cue that is showing in the Cue Window - which normally is the active Cue on the currently selected Playback - unless the Cue Window has been locked to a specific Cue in a Cue Stack.

The function of the shortcut CTRL CLEAR has been changed to clear to default values instead of clearing to zero. #0012545

Improved Group, Heads View to indicate unpatched heads #0012650

94.1.1. MQ40/MQ40N

The MQ40/MQ40N user interface has a reduced number of options to ensure that it is easy to use for users unfamiliar with lighting programs. More advanced users can access the advanced settings by setting the Advanced Settings = "Enabled" in Setup, View Settings, Mode.

Note that whenever the MQ40N is first started or reset then it will default back to the simple settings - this is intentional to ensure that basic users see the simple settings on start up and do not get confused by all the advanced features.

When "Advanced Settings" is "Disabled" then the Patch Window shows a simplified view with one only one tab and simple buttons to CHOOSE HEAD and PATCH IT. Items can be moved around in the Visualiser using the X, Y, Z encoders. For more advanced features of MagicVis, and for patch features like Clone and Morph use Advanced Settings.

Note that in previous versions ( and lower) the MQ40/MQ40N always presented the simpler interface and there was no option to show the advanced settings.

94.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with reset when using Output View, View Heads with heads that have 128 or more attributes.

Fixes to Cue Tracks added in including GO not working in Cue Tracks and display problems #0012436

Fixed so that if no external monitors are enabled then pressing the specific Window button will always bring it to the internal monitor. #0012721

Fixed problem in on MagicQ consoles where the main window did not completely fill the screen. #0012729

Fixed problem where MagicQ could reset when clocking on Playbacks with no steps when buttons were set to Tap To Time. #0012638

Fixed problem with Include when using "Include Selected Only" on a Cue with a Group FX. PReviously the whole Group FX was included regardless of whether any of the fixtures in the group were selected. #0012516

Fixed problem in MagicQ Linux PC where MagicQ recognised the touchpad as a touchscreen #0012632

Fixed problem with resizing of main MagicQ window on PC/Mac when Wing attached #0012637

Fixed problem in a Cue Stack where similar FX in sequential Cues but with FX stop/started were treated as the same FX instead and no change made. #0012595

Fixed problem with refresh speed of 2nd Execute Window #0012574

Fixed problem with Output window, View Active showing incorrect data. #0012386

Fixed problem with colours of Exec buttons #0012452

Fixed problem in MagicVis with video and room brightness #0012304

Fixed problem in MagicVis with shadows #0012167

Fixed problem in MagicVis with highlight in new rendering mode #0012084

Fixed problem in MagicVis and Plot View where it could crash on opening with some show files. #0012613