Chapter 96. Version

96.1. New Functions

Added support for disabling Patch Offsets when using a Visualiser. This is useful when in use at a festival with a visualisation suite where the visualisation has not been modified to match the actual stage positions. Whilst programming in the visualisation suite the offsets can be disabled, and then re-enabled for the live show. In Setup, View Settings, Mode, set Visualiser mode to "Insert, no Patch offsets".

Added extra logging for synchronisation problems when using Net Sessions.

96.2. Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with remote connections on systems that had serial numbers configured on both systems. This mostly affected MQ80s which automatically have a serial number configured from the processor. It would only affect comms between two MQ80s - comms between a MQ80 and PC/Mac systems was not affected.

Fixed problem in versions to with modifying the spread of Col FX programmed in older show files. Only affected Palette based FX recorded prior to #0012095

Fixed problem with Users whereby if a Super User deletes their own user then it would not be possible to perform any actions until the system was restarted.

Fixed problem with the Palette option, Expand Cues on MQ40/60/70 taking too long on large show files. Modified to give progress indication and avoid watchdog firing. #0012018

Fixed problem a Cue Stack with multiple chases. If crossfade was not 100% then GO Jumps out of chase would not work reliably.

Improved behaviour when using time code and time code jumps backwards. Now only the Cue prior to the time code is executed - previously all the Cue in the Cue Stack up to that point were executed.

Fixed problem in recent betas where the Cue Stack macro G with point Cues (e.g. G3/5.1) would not work correctly.