Software Change Notes

v2.1 Stable

Bug Fixes

v2.0 Stable

New Features

Theatre Mode

QuickQ v2.0 introduces Theatre Mode. This turns Playback 1 into a theatre cue stack, Playback 2 becomes a manual crossfader for the cue stack on Playback 1. In Theatre Mode lowering a Playback to 0% does not automatically release the cue stack. If a light's intensity is at 0% in a cue then it will automatically be moved into position ready for the next cue. New cues recorded while in Theatre Mode will have a default fade time of 3s.

To turn on Theatre Mode click on Settings in the menu then select Theatre Mode.

Default Palettes.

On the QuickQ console setting all the faders to 0 and pressing Clear will return all fixtures to their default positions. The default positions are stored in the first palette in each Attribute window. To change the default values simply record some new values into the first palette, which is labelled as Default.

Other New Features

User interface changes

Bug Fixes

v1.4 Stable

v1.4.1 Beta

Record All

The Record All record option is now fully implemented. Pressing Record, Record All then selecting a playback or a cue in the Cue Stack window will record everything that is happening on the console.

Bug Fixes

v1.3 Stable

Bug Fixes

v1.2 Stable

New Features

v1.1 Stable

v1.1.3 Beta

Bug Fixes

v1.1.2 Beta

New Features

Bug Fixes

v1.0 Stable

v1.0.9 Beta

New Features

Bug fixes

v1.0.8 Beta

New Features

v1.0.6 Beta

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