DMX Interfaces


    MagicDMX is an economic, single universe USB to DMX interface in two versions, Basic and Full. 

    It is designed to be used with the free MagicQ software as a way to practice programming and demo the MagicQ software using actual moving lights.

    MagicDMX Basic

    Time limited to 5 hours session usage.  After this time  - replug the device and restart MagicQ software to enable another 5 hr max session.


    • USB connector.
    • Single DMX output - 3 pin 
    • Max session 5 hrs
    • Basic electrical protection
    • LED status indicator
                                                           MagicDMX Basic     $15 (/general/misc) Untitled.png

    MagicDMX Full

    Output or input one universe of DMX - not time limited. Can be used as a DMX test device.

    Features: Per Basic and Add:

    • Single DMX output or input - 5 pin 
    • (input requires gender reverser purchase)
    • No time restrictions
            MagicDMX Full     $100       (/general/misc) Untitled.png

     MagicDMX Full Test Kit

     Complete DMX test kit: MagicDMX Full interface, XLR adapters and MagicQ USB sticks in a ChamSys zip bag

      Kit includes: 

      • MagicQ DMX Full with 5 pin female XLR
      • 5 pin male XLR to 5 pin male XLR 
      • 5 pin male XLR to 3 pin female XLR
      • 3 pin male XLR to 5 pin female XLR
      • Two MagicQ USB sticks
      • Handy ChamSys zip bag
                 MagicDMX Test Kit $180  (/general/misc) Untitled.png