Architectural & Theme Park

MagicQ is ideal for controlling architectural installations whether it is conventional lighting, LED arrays, moving lights or media servers. Shows and scenes can be programmed using a MagicQ console or MagicQ PC solution and then replayed on a MagicQ rack-mount console.  MagicQ supports scheduled cues including Cues that run based on a day of the week, day of the month, time of day or at absolute calendar dates and times.

MagicQ can connect to many different external interfaces using industry standard protocols such as MIDI Notes, SMPTE and MIDI Show Control thus enabling a complete "show system" to be built consisting of lighting, sound, media and control elements. Ideal for tightly coupled shows, presentations, theme parks and architectural installations.

Olympic Games

ChamSys supplied two MagicQ MQ100 Pro consoles and two rack mount MagicQ back-up systems for lighting and video control of the Pavilion on the Olympic Green. The Pavilion was the propaganda billboard for Coke's multi billion dollar investment in the Olympics.

The Pavilion was situated on the Olympic Green pointing directly toward the Bird's Nest Stadium, flanked by the International Broadcast Centre and a 90-meter high Broadcast Tower, all but guaranteeing great Media coverage.

The lighting control consisted of lighting in multiple different areas inside and outside the building including the Queue Line Experience, Olympic Quest Ramp, Journey Through China Olympic Torch Relay. In addition, there was the Red Passion Theatre, Heritage Gallery, Coca Cola Lounge and Minute Maid Lounge, Spite Lounge and Fanta Conference Room.

The lighting inventory included Varilite VL3000s, Colorblasts, High End DL3 moving projectors, strobes and large numbers of conventional lamps. The whole lighting and video control system was run using ArtNet outputs from the MagicQ consoles with ArtNet to DMX conversion boxes wherever they were needed around the building.

A Medialon Show Control System was used to synchronise audio, lighting and video projection together. MagicQ MIDI/SMPTE interfaces were used with the MagicQ consoles and MagicQ rack mount back up systems to connect to the Medalion System. The Medialion sent MIDI commands to the MagicQ to synchronise operations and to perform start of day and end of night operations.

The lighting and video was designed by Norm Schwab of LightSwitch in San Francisco US with equipment being supplied local rental company Showtec in China. The show was programmed by world renowned Lighting Designers Seth Rapaport and Nick Ho.

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L-R: Nick Ho, Norm Schwab, Tom Blancato and Seth Rapaport

Throughout the programming period, ChamSys provided support to ensure the designers could realise their dreams.

Norm Swab from Lightswitch commented "I know we can be a pain in the arse sometimes with our requests.. we always think our show is the most important.. so, thanks for helping us so much."