With MagicQ, everything is compatible. The software on each MagicQ console and on MagicQ PC (whether Windows, Mac or Linux) has exactly the same functionality. Show files are completely interchangeable between different MagicQ consoles and between MagicQ PC.

MagicQ show files are compatibility through different versions of the software.  Any show file will load into any version of the software regardless of how old the software is.  Features that have been added in later versions of software will not be available when replayed on older versions - but the show file will still load and the rest of the show will play back as expected.

Program a show on one type of MagicQ console, or on MagicQ PC, then load it into a different MagicQ console.  The Playback Window within the MagicQ software enables programming of shows that use multiple playbacks on additional wings even though they are not fitted.  This enables full console shows to be programmed and edited on a PC or Mac without any MagicQ Wings fitted, for example on the tour bus.  The Playback Window also enables Playbacks on Wings to be triggered from the touch screen even if the Wing is not physically fitted.

MagicQ hardware components can be plugged together to make bigger systems - e.g. extra Playback Wings, Execute Wings and Extra Wings can be added to MagicQ consoles or MagicQ PC. Ethernet Interfaces, USB DMX Interfaces, MIDI/Timecode Interfaces can be used with any console or MagicQ PC.