Open Protocols and Interfaces

MagicQ philosophy is to enable connection to as many different external systems as possible and wherever possible to publish the protocols so that it is easy for system designers and developers to integrate with the system.

Many of the longer established manufacturers sell consoles, dimmers, media servers, visualisers and show control systems.  These systems often use proprietary protocols specifically designed to make it difficult to connect products from different manufacturers together.  Manufacturers of consoles who also sell often prioritise the development of features specific to their moving lights or their media servers with no incentive to connect to competitors moving lights or media servers.  ChamSys is not restricted by these limitations and does not favour particular manufactures - instead we try to integrate our products with as many other manufacturers as possible.

MIDI and SMPTE Timecode

MagicQ supports MIDI notes, MIDI show control, MIDI timecode and SMPTE timecode input and output.

Ethernet and Serial Remote Control

ChamSys has developed a remote control protocol that enables developers to write software to integrate with MagicQ software running on MagicQ consoles and MagicQ Wing based systems.  The protocol contains commands for remote triggering of playbacks and macros and also commands for remote focus selection and recording.  The protocol is open and is documented in the MagicQ User Manual.

3rd Party DMX Interface Support

In order to connect your lighting fixtures to MagicQ you will generally need a DMX interface. MagicQ supports a range of different DMX Interfaces, both from ChamSys and from other manufacturers.  MagicQ software supports the Peperoni, DMX4ALL, Enttec Pro, Nicholaudie, Sunlite and Velleman interfaces on the first Universe. MagicQ software is free and can be downloaded from our web site.

Protocols Supported

  • DMX512
  • ArtNet (I, II and III)
  • Pathport
  • ACN Streaming DMX
  • Shownet
  • MIDI Notes (in and out)*
  • MIDI Timecode (in and out)*
  • MIDI Show Control*
  • EBU-25, SMPTE30, NTSC30 and Film 24 Timecode*
  • CITP
  • MSEX Media Server Exchange
  • HIPPO NET (V1,V2, V3)
  • Generic Media Server Thumbnail CSV
  • WYSIWYG Auto Focus and Auto Patch
  • Chamsys Remote Control Protocol (via serial RS232)
  • Chamsys Remote Control Protocol (via Ethernet)
  • Windows File sharing (MagicQ consoles)
  • Web Server (HTTP)

* via MIDI/Timecode Interface option