MagicQ MQ60, MQ70, MQ80, MQ100, MQ200 and MQ300 consoles have an internal Ethernet switch, protected by UPS with four separate network ports on the rear panel enabling easy connection of media servers, multiple consoles, and laptops.  MagicQ MQ40N has a single network port.

MagicQ supports many different networking features:

  • Output via ArtNet (I,II,III), Pathport, sACN and ShowNet
  • Configuration of SnakeSys products
  • Net Sessions - multi console control and sync
  • Remote control of other MagicQ consoles/PC/Mac systems
  • Remote iOS/Android app
  • Grab shows over the network from other consoles
  • ChamSys Remote Ethernet Protocol
  • ChamSys Web Server
  • Remote access to MagicQ file system via File Manager/Finder

Network Output

MagicQ supports output via ArtNet (I,II,III) in both broadcast and unicast mode.  Two separate unicast addresses can be set up per Universe.

MagicQ supports sACN in multicast or unicast modes.

MagicQ can also receive in ArtNet/Pathport/sACN/Shownet data for capture into the console or for merging operations.

Net Sessions (Multi Console Control)

Net Sessions allow multiple MagicQ consoles and MagicQ PC/Mac systems to operate together on a network with one console being the Master and the others Slaves.  Programming can take place on any console with a choice of options for which console controls the physical outputs.  Playback can be synchronised between the consoles with a range of sync modes.

(/general/magicq_features) networking.jpg (625 x 220)

MagicQ supports synchronising of show file data between consoles so that one console on the network acts as a master console with the master show file whilst slave consoles synchronise to that show data.  Programming changes can be made on any of the consoles with the show file on the master being updated and then all other systems synchronised to the master.

MagicQ supports synchronisation (tracking) of playback between consoles to enable one or more consoles to follow the playback state of the master console.

MagicQ supports automated copying of shows between consoles – for example to automatically keep a slave console updated with the same show that is running on the master console.  This function can also be used as an “archiving system” to enable a central server PC to automatically grab the shows from the consoles on the network for back-up purposes.

MagicQ enables multiple consoles to be used on a network and shows on the separate consoles to be merged together and split up again.  Zoning of universes enables consoles to be working on different universes all within the same network.  MagicQ does not currently support programming by multiple users on a single console.  MagicQ software (Non US) supports programming of a single show file from multiple consoles.

MagicQ consoles can work together over an Ethernet network - either in master/slave operation where only one console is live at a time, or synchronised together for playback to increase the number of universes or
size of show. When in master/slave operation control can be taken or released from any console.

Remote access/control

Users can directly connect their PCs or Macs to a MagicQ console which will then appear on the network as a server and allow the users to manage the console file system using File Manager/Finder just as if it was an external hard drive or memory stick.  This makes transfer of files between PCs, Macs and MagicQ consoles very easy.

The MagicQ software can be used on a PC to remotely monitor and control any MagicQ console or MagicQ PC on the network - for example when used on a wireless enabled tablet PC this can be used as a very comprehensive remote control.  MagicQ remote control uses a very low bandwidth protocol which enables immediate and seamless remote control of MagicQ consoles.

MagicQ has an in-built web server which enables any device on the network with a web browser to connect to the MagicQ console or MagicQ PC system and access complete system information through web pages. The web pages include a simple remote control web page which enables remote channel level access through WIFI web browsers on pocket PC style device and mobile phones.

MagicQ supports a full range of networking options for connecting multiple consoles and multiple MagicQ PC systems together. MagicQ supports remote control of MagicQ from wireless devices such as mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and tablet PCs.

ChamSys publishes it's Ethernet remote control protocol and the serial remote control protocols enabling the end user to develop their own remote control applications or integrate MagicQ into their own systems.