MagicQ Pixel Mapping

MagicQ includes a powerful Pixel Mapping engine that enables images, movies, text and live feed streams to be mapped onto grids of LED fixtures, dimmers or even moving lights. The Pixel Mapper has support for mapping in both 2D and 3D.

The MagicQ Pixel Mapper is fully integrated into the MagicQ software and appears just like an external media server.

MagicQ Pixel Mapping enables large numbers of LED elements to be controlled with very simple programming, minimising the programming time and keeping the show file size to an absolute minimum.

In addition the grids can easily be modified if the layout of the LED elements changes, for example when touring.  This allows the whole show to be remapped in a few seconds to a different grid layout without having to reprogram any of the Cues.

The MagicQ Pixel Mapper enables Lighting Designers to utilise lighting fixtures in a way never possible before with traditional consoles.  The entire lighting rig can be mapped in a very simple and intuitive way.

In Spain Matri Cabra used MagicQ Pixel Mapping to map 500 VariLite VL5 fixtures in a grid formation for the launch of the new Programming season of television channel TV3.  The MagicQ was programmed and operated by Felix Angel de Dios and put together by Pako Palazon.  Lighting equipment supplied by EML Light and Sound Production Spain.

In Greece, Lighting Designer Philip Hills used MagicQ Pixel Mapping to map on a grid of par cans made up of vertically hung bars of 6.

At Glastonbury and Big Chill festivals Cube Concepts used MagicQ Pixel Mapping to map onto huge installations of water ballast tanks each containing a LED par can.

(/general/screenshots) pixelmapping_banner_300.jpg (625 x 341)

MagicQ Pixel Mapping is standard in MagicQ software on all platforms; MagicQ consoles, MagicQ PC and MagicQ Mac.

To make the most of your LED fixture you can create a grid containing the LED fixtures and then each fixture becomes a "pixel" in the grid. The MagicQ Media FX Engine can then be used to play back bitmaps, text, movies and in-built FX on the grid.  You can design up to 20 different grids - this could be different LED elements on the stage or it could be the same LED elements but with different spatial organisation - thus allowing media to be played back in different ways.

Each LED element is allocated to a space in the grid - simplyby entering the head numbers in the relevant grid position. It is not necessary to have an LED element allocated to each grid position - you can have spaces in the grid. This is very useful when using LED tiles and LED batons in abstract positions - the FX will be played back across all the elements in their correct positions.

The Auto Group function button enables groups to be automatically generated based on the grid size. This generates groups using the entire grid but with different orders of selection, e.g. from centre to outside, from the edges, and vice versa. This makes it easy to quickly generate different FX.

The user can load custom bmp and jpeg bitmaps and mpeg movies onto the system for playback on the grids.  Multiple FX layers can be played back on the grids with different mixing options between the layers.  In addition the in-built grid FX generator includes all sorts of horizontal and vertical lines and patterns, random �€�snowflake falling�€� type effects, rainbow colour mix effects and movement effects.

With the addition of a MagicQ USB Audio Interface, many different audio triggered effects (e.g. level meters, base/treble triggers, audio decays) can be set up.

In-built Pixel Mapping Media Engine

100 output grids
Total 32768 B/W pixels or 10922 RGB pixels
Assign heads to grids (LED, dimmers, movers)
Auto group generation from grid (horz, vert, centre)
Up to 20 media layers per grid
Layer parameters - Intensity, Position, Rotation,
Zoom, Scrolling, Colour, Strobing, Irising
Display bitmaps on grids (bmp, jpeg)
Display movies (convert from AVI. MOV, MPEG)
Inbuilt FX with multi parameter control
Audio FX
3D FX for 3D grids
Live Feeds
Live Feed from Media Servers
Display scrolling text on grids
2 separate Media Text Engines
Live changing of text from keyboard