MagicQ consoles are built on the Linux operating system which is far more stable than most other operating systems. Unlike other operating systems, it is very rare for the Linux operating system to crash. MagicQ consoles have an in-built UPS to ensure integrity of the system in case of loss of power - when charged the console will keep going for approximately 15 minutes.

MagicQ is designed for ultimate performance - we design and test the console to run multiple Cues and FX and Media on all 32768 channels simultaneously.  There is no need to worry about how many channels you patch, how many Windows you open or what media files you are running.

MagicQ software has in-built crash protection and diagnostics. On rare occasions where a software reset is required, the software will simply reset itself (takes approximately 2 seconds) and then continue on operating.  MagicQ stores details of all keys pressed and any crashes into a log file which ChamSys can then analyse to resolve the problem and improve the software.

MagicQ has an in-built show archiver that store each iteration of your shows as you program. If for any reason you experience a problem you can choose to revert back to a previous version of your show - a different version is automatically stored every 15 minutes of the day, and one for each of the last seven days.

In the unlikely event that hardware suffers fails in an unrecoverable way (when someone throws a pint of Guiness over it!) then you can rest assured that there are multiple ways that the show can go on - all MagicQ systems use the same show file format - so simply load your USB backup onto a different MagicQ console or onto a PC or Mac with a MagicQ Wing or an Ethernet Interface.