iPhone / Android Remote App

MagicQ includes in-built support for use with an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, Android phones and Android tablets.

  • Support for iOS, iPhone, iPad, IPod Touch
  • Support for Android phones and tablets
  • Selection of dimmer channels for focusing
  • Updating of position, colour and beam palettes using up to 8 encoder wheels
  • Playback of Cues, Cue Stacks and Macros
  • Execute Window with buttons and faders
  • Execute Window with flash buttons
  • Customisable bitmaps for the Execute Window
  • Customisable background for the Execute Window
  • Idiot mode - starts directly into Execute Window
  • Auto connection option to specified MagicQ console
  • Multi device support with selectable initial Execute Window page


Remote App Operation

The Remote App consists of five simple tabs - Connection, Keypad, Focus, Execute.and Windows.

The Connection tab shows all the MagicQ consoles that have been found on the network and enables one to be chosen for control.  Each console can be separately passworded - only consoles that match the password entered in the remote app will show up - this prevents unauthorised use.

The Keypad tab enables the user to select fixtures, set levels and test lamps.  In addition, palettes can be selected, included or recorded.  The keypad tab includes the most commonly used buttons from the MagicQ console including the keypad, the Palette buttons and CLEAR.  The keypad gives status feedback when operations are completed just like on the MagicQ software - for example when a group is selected it confirms that the group has been selected and shows its name.  Selecting individual dimmer channels gives instant feedback as to the level of that channel.

The Focus tab enables head control for moving lights - two large encoders are used for pan and tilt.  A button allows fine/coarse mode to be selected to allow fine positioning.  The standard head control buttons from the console are all available - Next Head, Prev Head, Locate, Odd/Even, Fan, Single, Highlight and All.  The Focus tab also has a colour picker for selection of colours and fine tuning of colour temperatures.

The Execute tab enables the user to design their own custom windows and to record and copy groups, palettes, cues, cue stacks and macros into the custom windows.  The Remote App mirrors the Execute Window on the MagicQ software  - thus any of the items in the window on the MagicQ software become immediately available on the remote phone or touch pad.  For example a lighing technician could design a custom window to enable them to check and reset lamps from the stage, or a rigger could design a custom window to allow them to select the lights even when up on the truss focusing.

The Windows tab shows the MagicQ Windows from the console, so that it is possible to check the Patch or the Outputs directly on the iPhone or to select items such as Groups, Colours, Positions and Beams. .