Education and Schools

MagicQ is ideally suited for use in Education and Schools.  The MagicQ philosophy of free software, free visualisations and very low cost MagicDMX interfaces means that MagicQ is a very attractive prospect for installation in schools for use in school theatres and also in drama clases as part of the curriculum.

MagicQ software, MagicVis visualiser and MagicHD media player are free to download and use - making it ideal for multi student configurations.  In addition students can download the software at home allowing them to play with it in their own time.  If they wish to connect some real lights via DMX then the MagicDMX Basic is only £10.

Online manuals and video tutorials make the learning process simple.

Simple Mode

MagicQ software supports a simple mode that makes it operate as a 48 channel traditional lighting console.  When connected to a MagicDMX interface or to a MagicQ Mini Wing this makes an ideal.  In simple mode there is no need to worry about the more advanced features of lighting - just concentrate on the 48 channels and storing a few memories onto the 10 main faders.  If some of the students wish to learn more then just click a button and MagicQ turns into advanced mode - still running the same show file.

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