ChamSys consoles are regularly used for live TV in UK, Europe and the USA.

The National Lottery

The new National Lottery studios inside Pinewood are now home to a new ChamSys system.

The studio Lighting Director is Tom Kinane, with lighting and video programmed by LD Max Conwell.

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The ChamSys system provides the 16 universes of DMX needed for this design - using an MQ100 Pro 2014 main console and a second as a backup on hot takeover mode. Also specified was a SnakeSys B4 and R8 interfaces to control all the lighting.

Max comments "The main reason for the choice of ChamSys was proven solid reliability and excellent backup, which is a major factor for the control of lighting and video for a live national lottery draw. The whole system is networked so we can have the desk on the floor for programming or back in the gallery without having to re-patch as was the case with the previous desk, and with the console running up to 32 universes there is room for plenty of expansion for the regular lottery music performances."

The MagicQ Pro 2014 series is the third generation of MagicQ Consoles, featuring the familiar and flexible GUI lighting control, media server connectivity options and in-built media server for Pixel Mapping. The consoles will run 64 universes at full speed, all controlled and processed on-board without a need for external network processors.

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Through The Keyhole

The ChamSys MagicQ lighting desks are well know for their versatility and power and also for their instant useabilty in all kinds of situation. This is why Mike Sutcliffe , one of the UKs most prolific and talented television lighting directors has chosen to buy his own MQ100. Mike explains more:

"Having worked in TV lighting for many years using supplied equipment and a variety of different desks I decided it was time to own my own console. Having seen the ChamSys in action and having it recommended to me my several other LDs I bought an MQ100 Pro. This has enabled me to have a familiar and responsive console for every show I do and in addition I am able to design and program shows off-line with WYSIWYG which is a huge time saver."

Mike is currently working on the ITV show "Through The Keyhole" alongside his son Gavin who is seen here operating the MQ100 during recording.

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The ChamSys range of consoles has already proved itself in the live music and presentation department and it is also a perfect choice for television with its ease of programming, quick hands-on control and advanced features such as timecode control and pixel mapping.


Lighting design Mike Sutcliffe Lighting



For World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Production Designer Jason Robinson chose the ChamSys MagicQ MQ100 Pro 2010 lighting control console. Previously, Robinson had used two other consoles, but the MagicQ had the versatility and features he needed for the grueling pace of the WWE. The WWE tours year-round with live events in two cities per week, where they tape four hours and broadcast two hours of live TV. In addition, they do twelve arena shows for pay-per-view events and the massive annual WrestleMania stadium event.

"For all these different shows we take our ChamSys systems; it is not just recording a show and programming a show, but having a console that can expand and contract to whatever show we are doing and changing to completely different shows throughout the day," said Robinson. "The ChamSys console has handled it fantastically, it has been rock solid."

Robinson's team, Lighting Director Jeff Wilkin, Programmer Anthony 'Geddy' Kordyjaka and Programmer John Buck, each work on a pair of ChamSys consoles controlling everything from standard single channel dimmers, moving lights and LEDs to multiple DMX universe needs. The built-in bitmapping of the ChamSys is a particular favorite feature. Of Buck's use of MagicQ as media server, Robinson said, "Programming the video to the LED walls and units is something new to the WWE. Our ability to handle all of that and have a stable console that performs for us every day has been huge."

PRG Distribution North America supplied six ChamSys MagicQ MQ100 Pro 2010 consoles to Upstaging, Inc., the lighting supplier for the WWE tour. John Huddleston, Managing Director of Upstaging, Inc., said, "Jason Robinson is a real pro; he knows what he wants and is very creative. I think the MagicQ is a great desk. It is versatile and it is easy to use. The gear has to be first class on the WWE tour, and the ChamSys has been just that. Also, the support from PRG Distribution has been really very good."

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Robinson added, "It has been fantastic working with PRG Distribution; 24 hour service, anytime we need help or a problem, within hours we have whatever we need. They are on top of everything. Right from the start when we changed to the ChamSys, they were at Upstaging whenever we needed them."