The free 3D Visualizer: pre-visualise shows, program blind and see what your next action on the console will achieve in a live show - before you take it. 

Build your 3D environment in the patch. Only takes a few minutes to build after completing the patch. Build in the console where the show is created. Not in some 3rd party software. Runs on an external PC networked to the console. Data transfers automatically.

Also creates plots and paperwork.




MagicVis Key Features

  • Over 10000 fixtures supported
  • Easy positioning of fixtures
  • Different views including free, prespective, front, top, side
  • Variable room sizing
  • Automatic fitting to truss and other objects
  • Automatic sync with MagicQ show file
  • Moving trusses / pipes
  • Media player integration onto MagicVis surfaces
  • Bitmaps on any MagicVis surfaces
  • DMX camera control
  • Automatic paperwork generation
  • Per truss (object) plots
  • Visualisation of multi element LED fixtures
  • Beam and room brightness adjustment
  • Blind visualisation
  • Visualisation of next Cue or selected playbacks (even when inactive)


MagicViz is included in the Free softwre download available from our downloads page