MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console on tour with the Australian Pink Floyd show

Lighting Designer Tom Mumby specified the MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console for the Australian Pink Floyd show. The 2017 tour started back in February this year and runs right through until October this year with show right across the US and Europe.

George McDuff and James Harrison from ChamSys UK caught up with Lighting Designer Tom Mumby (pictured below with the MQ500 console) and Chris Gadd at the shows in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Lighting Designer Tom Mumby

Tom comments on the using the MagicQ system for the shows: 

'The MagicQ system has always been solid and really intuitive to use. When I first moved towards ChamSys consoles 5 years ago I was really impressed with the structure and features of the FX generator and this is something that has continues to develop over time. The ability to create any effect from any pallet is a really powerful feature, as is the ability to easily change that at a later date. Also been able to export my whole FX pallet page to a USB is really nice and saves a lot of programming time if I need to busk on another console. I use a lot of complex timing and delays in my shows which is a breeze on ChamSys. Everything is clear and quick to find.'

When asked on his favourite software features on the MagicQ system Tom comments: 

'The Patch offset feature has become invaluable and saves me a good hour and a half of updating positions every day. I simply point all my spots or washes at the downstage edge, hit update and everything is done with minimal tweaking. Using this in a festival environment, when time is nearly always tight is an absolute life saver. It is also extremely useful if someone knocks a floor light or if a colour or gobo wheel loses its position mid show. Just update the offset and your good to go.
The split/fan timing feature is also something I have started to play with and sneak into the show, as with very little effort I can create some nice one shot scrolling fades or colour changes across the whole rig.'

Talking about the MQ500 console hardware Tom commented: 

'Taking the MQ500 out on the tour has been great and the higher resolution screens mean I can keep all of my group, position, beam and colour pallets on one screen instead of having to change view for every attribute. Less button presses is always a plus. Combine this with the 4x3 execute buttons and the extra 5 playback faders and you have a really quick and efficient console to use. I find myself recording macros such as SHIFT-Record, or Shift Include to the execute buttons along with the usual strobe and mole bumps.
I think what’s so great about the whole system is how customisable it all is. Everything is changeable to suit your own style. Support provided by ChamSys has always been fantastic!'