Training in Croatia

ChamSys new Croatian distributor, LAV Studio d.o.o. organised their first ever training on ChamSys consoles for local professionals.

After recently becoming a distributor for Chamsys, LAV Studio were very keen to launch the brand with training sessions for local lighting professionals.

The decision was made to hold the 2 day training course in Zagreb at the end of November.

Basic and Advanced features of MagicQ were covered by ChamSys' International BDM Aziz Adilkhodjaev.

Users had a hands on experience on with full range of MagicQ consoles including the MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console and Compact range of consoles; MQ80, MQ40N and PC Wing Compact.

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Davor Vujic of LAV Studio said: the training was a complete success with 100% positive feedback from all attendees.

There is a lot of interest from local rental and installation companies in ChamSys products. We are looking forward to seeing more local Lighting Designers using Chamsys consoles in their tours. LAV Studio will continue with more trainings in 2018 to expand the market of Chamsys consoles even further across Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

LAV Studio is an exclusive distributor for ChamSys in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina

For more information about upcoming training in your country, please visit @ChamSysAcademy page on Facebook.