Al Isteklal T.C Qatar - IAC QATAR specified the MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console for lighting control of the main stage of Qatar International Food Festival 2018 (QIFF).

QIFF is a multicultural festival that celebrates the country’s diverse food, beverage and hospitality offerings. Held over several days during spring, the Festival invites residents and visitors to enjoy special culinary experiences in scenic outdoor spaces.

The main stage which is used for Live Cooking demonstrations featured over 200 Robe fixtures in the rig, controlled by the MQ500 console with MagicQ Playback Wing. While on the second stage, designated for Live Performance acts, a MagicQ MQ100 console with Playback wing was used to control over 50 Robe and SGM fixtures.

Al Isteklal T.C - IACQATAR is one of the top rental and production AV companies in Qatar’s entertainment market and uses ChamSys consoles exclusively for their shows. 

Dion Da Costa (Head of lighting) comments: 

I had the pleasure of working with the MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console. QIFF was my first time using the MQ500 console, I had assumed that it would take time to get the hang of its new layout, but it didn’t. I found so many great and useful features like the updated console layout, extra playbacks and dedicated execute keys that made it very easy to work. I am looking forward to working with this console on our upcoming and future projects. Another product which I really like is the ChamSys SnakeSys S6 Ethernet-DMX node, the S6 integrates easily with MagicQ consoles and means for us less runs of DMX cable!

Full list of lighting equipment used for QIFF2018: 

  • 1 x MagicQ MQ500 Stadium Console
  • 1 x MagicQ MQ100 Pro2014 Console
  • 2 x MagicQ Playback Wing
  • 2 x SnakeSys B4
  • 2 x SnakeSys S6
  • 100+ x Robe Pointe
  • 180+ x SGM P5
  • 36 x Robe 600LedWash
  • 80 x Robe LedBeam 100

Ayman Hamada (Co – Founder & Audiovisual Manager) commented: 

Adding ChamSys to the inventory enables us to deliver a world class performance that satisfies our clients way beyond their expectations, the workflow and layout of ChamSys consoles make them our first choice console. Our first purchase was in April 2010 and the support we’ve had from ChamSys has been first class. We are looking to add another MQ500 to our inventory to enable us to meet the demands of our clients.

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