MagicQ Takes Focus at Latitude Festival

ChamSys control consoles were again chosen by High Wycombe based lighting rental company Siyan, who supplied ChamSys consoles across three music stages at Latitude festival. 

The lighting operator for the main stage was Matt West of Siyan. He specified the MagicQ MQ80 console for the main stage so that he could utilise the latest MagicQ software features, including the new 'Focus on the line' feature in the Plot window.

Matt comments: 'The Focus Line feature made it easy to create band washes, centre vocal focuses and interesting ACL style looks quickly and the Visualiser proved invaluable for quickly checking programming in daylight.  I also made heavy use of the recent FX by groups feature for programming intensity shapes. The MQ80's high res screen and powerful processor made it the ideal tool for the job.'

The Focus on the line feature builds on the existing 'target focus' tool available in the plot window where fixtures can quickly be focused to a point in the plot window. 
The Focus on the line option now allows selected fixtures to be spread across the line, of which line position, size and angle can easily be manipulated using the plot window.

Plot window focus line

Elsewhere on site Siyan supplied an MQ100 Pro2014 console for the BBC 6 Music stage operated by Luke Avery and another MQ80 console for Jo Zilm to operate on the Sunrise stage.

Steve Finch of Siyan who manages and designs their three stages on site comments: 'We've been supplying ChamSys consoles now to Latitude festival for a number of years and have found them to be very versatile and robust, dealing with incoming LD’s wishes, the ease of layout , build quality and most of all the great back up and support from Chamsys, who have always been there for Siyan'.

Photo credits: Latitude/Festival Republic.