Free MagicDMX One Universe USB - DMX at LDI 2015

ChamSys USA is providing MagicDMX Basic USB-DMX interfaces free of charge to visitors of the LDI 2015 show, who have downloaded and installed MagicQ on their PCs, Macs or Linux systems.

MagicDMX provides 512 channels of DMX for use with the FREE ChamSys MagicQ software. Full details on our MagicDMX website.

To claim your MagicDMX:

  1. Download the latest MagicQ version from ChamSys Downloads.

  2. Run MagicQ and go to Setup, View Settings, View System, View Status, System and note down your 24 digit Sys MagicQ ID.  You may wish to take a screen shot or photo with your camera phone.

  3. Find ChamSys USA on the Show Floor at the LDI Show 2015 and take a demo or our consoles. Booth 2315.



On MagicQ press SETUP window button then press the top soft button VIEW SETTINGS, VIEW SYSTEM and VIEW STATUS.  Ensure the System tab is selected.  The Sys MagicQ ID is 24 characters in total - six groups of 4 characters.

Can't wait till LDI? Can't make it to LDI this year?  Buy a MagicDMX here


(/usa) 2015-10-01_16-27-36_800.pngThe Small Print.

Offer valid for visitors to LDI show 2015. Only one MagicDMX Basic per user.
Offer valid for new MagicQ users who have not previously been supplied a MagicDMX interface by ChamSys.
MagicDMX Basic devices have a five hour timeout - after this time the device must be replugged and the software restarted. 
ChamSys reserve the right to refuse claims for MagicDMX for any reason.
The offer is valid for the first 100 visitors presenting Sys ID's during the show.