Placebo tour with MagicQ

ChamSys caught up with Lighting and Visual designer Jvan Morandi and Lighting programmer and operator Hunter Frith during the current Placebo Retrospective arena tour. 

Jvan and Hunter specified a control system of ChamSys Pro2014 consoles supplied by Coloursound Experiment for the tour. Along the tour ChamSys latest console the MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console capable of 200 universes of control direct from the console was used for its first Arena shows during the tour.

Operator Hunter comments on using the MQ500 Stadium console: 'The extra screen for the extra real estate adds so much for workflow. It has a better feel in build quality. It still retains the MagicQ interface so there are no backwards surprises. Having the MagicQ visualiser built in is excellent. The extra features of laying your truss and fixtures out for easy selection is very quick and useful.'

Alongside ChamSys consoles, ChamSys SnakSys networking nodes comprimising of 3x R8's provided DMX control on stage.

The full lighting and visuals kit package for the tour was supplied by West London's Coloursound Experiment.