Compact Range Comparison

From Carry in to Compact - 3 Consoles and one Extra wing

Console Feature Set

MQ40N MQ60 MQ80
Universes 4 12 24
Pixel Mappers 1
Media Servers 1 (MagicHD only) 50 50
No Yes Yes
Fanless (silent running)
Yes Yes No
Size Hand luggage Hand luggage Checked bag
 MQ40N MQ60 
Network ports 1 4 4
USB ports 5 5 6
Ext monitor 1 low res
1 low res
1 full HD
Ext monitor touch No Yes Yes
Audio input Yes Yes Yes
Remote input No Yes Yes
MIDI notes support
No Yes Yes
Timecode support No No Yes
Connection to MagicQ USB Wings & Interfaces Extra Wing only Yes, all Yes, all
Networking MQ40N MQ60 MQ80
ArtNet, ACN, Pathport output via network Yes Yes Yes
Net connection to MagicVis, MagicHD Yes Yes Yes
Multi Windows via network Yes Yes Yes
Remote control via iOS/Android app (user WIFI router) Yes Yes Yes
Net connection to 3rd party media servers No Yes Yes
Multi Console support No Yes Yes
ChamSys Ethernet Remote Protocol No Yes Yes
ChamNet control No Yes Yes
Net Wing mode No Yes Yes