MagicQ Rack Mount Dongle

USB Dongle that unlocks restricted features in MagicQ / MagicHD.  Most features in MagicQ and MagicHD are unlocked when connected to a MagicQ Wing or MagicQ USB Interface.  The USB Dongle is useful when no MagicQ Wing or MagicQ Interface is available to unlock these features. The MagicQ dongle also unlocks MagicQ PC to use USB-MIDI devices 

Features unlocked by the dongle are:

  • Stand alone MagicHD mode - 8 layers
  • Scheduled Events
  • Remote control (via iOS, Android, PC, Mac)
  • Audio Input
  • Full Screen Execute
  • Web Server editing (viewing is supported)
  • Autostarting Playbacks
  • Playback Synchronisation
  • Multi Programming
  • Triggering of playbacks using DMX input
  • USB-MIDI Support within MagicQ - supports Midi beat clock, timecode and Midi notes input (Midi notes Output from MagicQ to 3rd party interfaces is not supported)

The rack mount dongle is the same price as the MagicQ Dual DMX Interface - so customers may find this a more cost effective solution since it provides the DMX as well as unlocking MagicQ automated features.

Note that the SnakeSys B4, R4, R8 and T2 also unlock the automated features via network - so in many cases there is no need for the dongle at all.

ChamSys does not offer a rack mount product as it is not effective for us to sell such a solution when rack mount computers are readily available.

USB MIDI support includes receiving MIDI timecode and receiving MIDI notes for triggering automations.  Note that triggering of Playbacks via USB MIDI is limited to the first 10 playbacks.

Product Codes

0100-0012 MagicQ Rack Mount Dongle