Free MagicDMX at WFX - Nashville - Nov 18th and 19th - Booth #130

ChamSys USA is providing MagicDMX Basic USB-DMX interfaces free of charge to visitors of WFX - Nashville 2015 show, who have downloaded and installed MagicQ on their PCs, Macs or Linux systems. Details here.

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Upcoming Shows: Super Saturday NYC Jan 9th, Techni-Lux Technology Day Jan 14th, USITT 2016 Mar 17th-19th

ChamSys MagicQ Lighting Control Software is:

You decide your hardware needs: 

Check out our latest Stadium Software Features:

  • Target Focus 
  • Group based FX 
  • Pixel Mapping on any attribute
  • Curve Editing
  • MagicCap live feeds   

Other recent software additions include:

  • 3D Pixel Mapping
  • Blind Visualiser preview
  • Plot Selection
  • Icon Snapshots