Theatre & Performance

MagicQ is ideally suited for theatrical use, whether in purpose built venues, schools or travelling dance troupes. MagicQ has a comprehensive theatre tracking mode, "Move When Dark" options, split cross-fading, inhibit masters, timing master faders, and individual timing on any parameter or any lantern.

MagicQ theatre tracking mode enables Cues to be recorded as simply the change (deltas) from the previous Cue, thus making it easier to program when you have large numbers of lamps. MagicQ handles jumps in the Cue Stack intelligently to ensure that the state of the Cue Stack is maintained. MagicQ supports well known keyboard syntax for selecting lanterns, setting intensities and setting timings. Intensities of lamps and fade times can be set from the keypad. Lamps can be patched, re-patched and moved at any time.

The Move When Dark option enables an entire Cue Stack (sequence of Cues) to be configured so that moving lights change position, beam and colour only when their intensity is at zero, thus avoiding unwanted changes during theatre scenes. Alternatively, "Mark Cues" can be specifically inserted before individual Cues where this functionality is required.

Group Masters enable faders to be set to control the overall level of a group of lamps, for example you could have a master level for all of your front lights. MagicQ supports grouping of lamps by colour or name (position on the lighting rig) thus making it much easier to work with larger lighting rigs. In addition a 2D plan can be set up in the Output View to show the position of the lamps on the rig and their current levels. Using the touch-screen, this plan can be used to select lamps and to set their intensity levels.

MagicQ supports advanced sychronisation to external sources using MIDI, timecode, remote triggers or audio. Cues can be easily configured to playback according to a sequenced time code and timing can be learnt using the "Record TC" mode. MagicQ provides easy ways for shifting the time code for individual or groups of Cues.

MagicQ supports a Timeline Window, and a tracksheet enabling Lighting Designers to examine their Cue Stacks in a visual way. The Media Timeline Window shows the parameters and timings of individual Cues in a Cue Stack, enabling colours, positions, gobos, media images, and internal LED bitmap images to be examined at a glance. The Media Timeline Window supports zooming, scrolling, masking, and examining of selective heads.

(/general/screenshots) timeline1_banner_300.jpg (625 x 340)

The Media Timeline window is an additional tool for the Lighting programmer – they can program Cue Stacks using Groups, Positions, Colours and Beams in the traditional way, but then they can easily view the timings of their complex split times, or the usage of a set of particular lamps during an entire Theatre Show. The Timeline is also extremely powerful for time-coded shows, enabling zooming in and out of the entire timeline.

Mirage Theatre, Las Vegas

‘Terry Fator and His Cast of Thousands’ opened a five-year run at The Mirage Casino and Resort in Las Vegas and we are pleased that ChamSys MagicQ MQ200 Pro is being used. Previews of the show started on 14th February 2009 with the full production starting in March. Mr Fator, a ventriloquist, singer, comedian and impressionist, gained notoriety as the winner of ‘America's Got Talent’ competition in 2007.

The new Terry Fator Theatre, was previously the Danny Gans Theatre and seats over 1,200 within the famous Mirage Resort. Fator with his eight puppets perform five shows per week, impersonating ‘thousands’ of celebrities from Elvis and Marvin Gaye, to James Blunt.

“To see a singing ventriloquist is highly unusual, but then, once you hear him, you can't believe he's so good, so talented and so hilarious. And his lips never move!” says Ted Mizrahi, the show lighting designer.

Mizrahi chose the MagicQ MQ200 Pro because of it effortless control and integration of moving lights, LED and media servers. The rig consisted of many different kinds of lamp including the High End Studio Spots, Studio Color, Cyberlights and lots of LED and traditional generic lighting. In addition, there were five Axon Media Servers, all controlled from the one console.


Hurtwood Theatre, UK

Lighting Designer, David Amos is over the moon with the MagicQ MQ100 Console he used for Hurtwood Theatre.  Running six lines of DMX and three ArKaos media servers on the console controlling 12 Pixellines, 12 VL2000s, 12 MAC600s, 17 MAC250ss and 12 MAC300s plus a load of LED equipment to name just a small amount of the kit needed for the show.  He stated, "I used the MagicQ (MQ100) again and found it to be everything and more that I needed!" With 34 numbers being performed, a large amount of plotting was required, but with MagicQ this was made easy.