SnakeSys Philosophy

SnakeSys network products enable DMX data, media data and control data to be distributed throughout the lighting rig from control consoles to fixtures.  SnakeSys products can be used with any lighting console or media server - they are independent of MagicQ products.

SnakeSys products are designed and manufactured in the UK using quality electronic components, and are designed for reliability. Wherever possible, all components are mounted on a single circuit board to avoid the need for interconnecting cables. SnakeSys products are designed at a "chip" level, rather than repackaging IT products.

SnakeSys products use professional locking Neutrik Ethercon connectors for all network connections, avoiding the limited lifetime associated with traditional RJ45 network plugs and sockets.

SnakeSys products use professional locking Neutrik Powercon connectors for power input, ensuring a reliable power input. All SnakeSys products accept voltages from 90V to 250V AC without needing any changes.

Where appropriate, SnakeSys products have in-built battery backup to protect against unexpected power loss.

SnakeSys products support Art-Net I, Art-Net II and Art-Net III, along with ACN Streaming DMX network protocols. The DMX512 ports are fully configurable with DMX packet length, framing rate, and timings.

SnakeSys products support Power over Ethernet - the SnakeSys B4 and S6 can both be powered directly from the R4 rack nodes and switches using Power over Ethernet rather than from the mains - this reduces the number of cables in the system.

SnakeSys products support firmware updates over the network, enabling the products to be easily upgraded to support new features.

SnakeSys Manual